Been 20 yrs since I rode

I started riding when I was 4. Raced when I was a kid and when I was 13 we moved to the city. Thats when my riding came to an end sort of. I sold my cr80 and bought a bike (pedal power). Off and on I rode for a few yrs. Came up on a 1979 CR250 in '92. That was my last bike till 2006. In '06 I wanted an enduro like an xr650 or something. But my dumb ass bought a Honda Chinese knock 150cc piece of crap! I mainly rode it on the st. because it had no power for dirt. Could not even hold a wheelie. Rode it for 7 months and sold it. Last month I bought a 2001 YZ426F. I never owned a watercooled bike before. I always thought 4 strokes sucked. But man, this bike is sick!!! I'm 5'7 and I'm thinking I should have got like a 250. But after 3 rides on this beast i'm so falling in love with her. Shhhh, don't tell the wife. lol. If any body can offer me tips I would be thankful. :ride:

What sort of riding do you think you will be doing? How much do you weigh?

Plenty of bigger guys ride 250F's. I rode my son's 250F quite a bit when sprung properly. They are real fun and having a little less power can help keep you out of trouble. They are easier to ride in most circumstances.

I wiegh in about 195-200 lbs. Mostly desert riding. I live on the river here in AZ. Mostly trails i'll be riding on. Once I get comfotable, then I'll be hitting jumbs and such. Wish I knew before hand that the YZ 426's were a bitch to start. I got it down to about 5-6 kicks. 1st time out took me 2 hours to fire her up.

The 01 426 is not hard to start. You need to get everything in spec and then it's a breeze to start. Hand off the throttle. cold, pull on choke, give it one half turn throttle and back to off position, run it through two times using decomp, let off decomp, kick til it gets hard to run through/kick, use decomp to move it up a little, kick it through and it should start. Like clock work.

You need to have a good plug, doesn't have to be new but not an old bugger.

Carb needs to be right, set per manual.

Helps if the valves are right too but not the end of the world if it's not perfect. Mine was out by a lot and it still started ok.

Air filter needs to be ok, not spotless but not clogged either.

If you've done all of the basics, they start pretty easy. :ride::lol:

Do yourself a favor and put an OEM 03 YZ 450F cam in that 426... much more simple starting and better power spread. Make sure the valves are in spec and the carb isn't gummed up and it should start easily for you.

Got it down to 1-2 kicks. "POP"

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