best kickstand

money being no object-

Trailtech? Promoto billet?

I want something highly functional and reliable. I hate wishing I'd spent a little more and got the right part from the start...

I would go with the ProMoto Billet unit. All of their Produst are top notch and well designed.:ride: I have a number of PMB products and am very happy with all. I had one Trail Tech product (actually 3 of the same unit) and it never worked like it was advertised, well it did at first but then died.:lol:


Another vote for Promoto Billet. Had one on my CRF450 and loved it:thumbsup:

I've owned both, the PMB is hands down the better kickstand when compared to Trail Tech.:ride:

PMB. Great customer service.

Make sure the main allen bolt is securely tightened at all times. I've owned at least 10 PMB over the years and a few have come loose initially. A dab of loc-tite cured all.

My pmb was the best thing ever until it developed slop and started rubbing on my swingarm (YZ250).

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