DP Clutches?

Is anyone running a dp clutch? Looking to purchase one seems like it would be great for the type of riding i do just wanted to here some feedback before i order one.

I have used them in many of my bikes, I have DP clutches in two of my bikes right now. They make a good product, and have the best customer service I have ever dealt with. I had a problem with a set of their springs two years ago. I sent them an email explaining what happened, in a few hours I had a response asking for my address, two days later I had a brand new full clutch kit (friction plates, metal disks, and springs) on my door step, no questions asked. Definitely great people to deal with, and they really stand behind their products. Here's a tip though, Moose brand clutches are made by DP and are often sold for a lower price.

Im using dp frictions in my rekluse pro now.

been using DP clutch kits for years: RM125, CR250, RMZ250, YZ450 ('03 & '08)

always worked just fine, no problems.

Thanks guys appreciate it. Guess i am going to try one out, see how it goes.

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