YAMAHA 2-TRAC TWO WHEEL DRIVE need more info please !

hi i have a yzf 400 wich i have fitted a ohlins all wheel drive system taken off a wrf450 2 track. i have only had the system fitted on the bike a short while but after my first big muddy hill climb i was hooked this thing is amazing the things you can do with this simple system fitted on the bike blows my mind you can attck hills and climbs that you never would have dreamed of, anyway i can go on & on. My reason for this thread is to ask if anyone out there to share any information pictures or video that they have on the 2 trac system. i would like to know more about gearing, more about how the system works is it ajustable, is there a way of changing the oil without spending £200 at a dealers, does anyone know where to get replacment hoses as i have one that is leaking, any info you have to do with this system please share it on here if you own one please let me know what you think. i have also herd there are universal kits availble as well as a kit to fit an r1.

so if you do have anyinfo then get in touch thanx

have fun muddy.

p.s. i will be including some pictures and video of mine shrtly.

I have not heard of any 2-trac kit available for public within the USA.. interesting topic though.

2-Trac R1 review



I read about a company in california make a system for dirtbikes, it was being tested on hondas but never on street bikes uhmmm no wheelies?!! Anymore

Chrisrini offers 2-trac kit for the public...

yes christini do a fully mechanical front drive system that works very well and it is a engineering masterpeice BUT i do think its more complicated than it needs to be and requires a lot of modifications more of a christini bike than a christini system. i love the simplicity of the hydraulic system by ohlins and the fact that its almost a universal fitment on most bikes, bolt on front wheel drive... masive increase in traction and stability and fun what more can i say. as for wheelies i have found that it does make the front feel more planted but when you do pull a wheelie if anything the added weight helps the controll of a wheelie but i cant say for the r1 road bike. anyway thanx for posting keep the info coming

have fun muddy !

anyway thanx for posting keep the info coming

have fun muddy !

Where are your pictures?

ok so heres some pictures sorry there not the best ive only had two days out on the bike since i fitted the system. surely some of you guys will be able to give me a bit on info i have searched all over the net and just keep getting the same old stuff over an over please help !?





have fun muddy !

I doubt there is anymore info available here in the US, I have asked for from Yamaha back in 2004, 2005, 2006 each year when I attend the motorcycle show in NYC, but even from the Yamaha USA hedquarter dude knows nothing about these 2-trac machines.

hi where in the uk are you those hils look like the south wales valleys?

central wales powys some exellent places to ride round there .

The only way to adjust how agressive the front wheel is, is by exchanging the rear sprocket.

Some of my friends have exchanged the tubes on their 2-trac bikes, I will ask them what it is they use. I my self believe it is hydraulic high pressure fittings.

Here you can find some pictures (probably nothing new to you) :


thankyou for the pictures and yes any info you have i would be greatfull of. im going away for the weekend on my 2trac and its just started snowing BRING IT ON !

have fun muddy !

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