Video Review

Well...I layed out another $24, adding another FMX video to my library. This time it was "Chpater One", the new No Fear video.

I was not that impressed. Terra Firma 7 remains as my favorite, but one of the mags only rated this as an 8 (scale 1 to 10).

So...I thought I would get a string here going here to find out what you guys have and what you like and don't like.

I prefer a good mix of great FMX stuff together with some great MX shots (great moments, passes, starts...etc.)



For me personally....and not to knock what others enjoy, I just can't get excited by the FMX events. I DO hope the sport grows because I want dirt biking in general to flourish. Admittedly, I don't own a single "bought" video. I just tape the supercross and motocross on I'm lucky enough now to catch 2 supercosses live in New Orleans and Houston. My library has nearly every SX and MX race going back about 6 years. I still like to watch the St. Louis SX of the '96 season where this is the only Emig win of a near McGrath sweep. And I like the one in Minneapolis where Huffman challenges Mcgrath for a few laps until Huffman stall in a corner. Great racing!


Thanks for the review. I’ve got a pile of those things too, my new favorite is probably MotoHed, but it isn’t really a MX/FMX vid, it is pure off road (Ty Davis, Hawkins, Lafferty, Watts, etc.). I highly recommend it for all off-road guys or trail riders with dreams of off-road glory.

Next in line is Terrafirma 6, I love all the shots of Pastrana. I like the Terrafirma series better than Crusty. That Mike Hatchett (sp?) guy comes up with some great shots and I like the soundtrack as much or more.

But I had no idea that there was a # 7 in this series. Where can I get one?

my favorite videos are steel roots and crusty 3!


I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

You're right, it's TerraFirma 6, not 7. And I agree, Mike Hatchett does the best work. That was another disappointment about the No Fear Chapter-One tape. Very low quality.

However, it did have the Carey Hart back flip at Gravity. Amazing!!!

The absolute best is Organ Donors. It encompasses Free Riding, Snowmobiles, Jetskis, and Sportbikes all with the general freestyle vibe. It's really good.

Roostn in Denver

I've heard about Organ Donors, I'll have to check that one out.

Have you guys ever seen or heard of "All My Crazy Friends"?

Very So. Cal sort of stuff.

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