'83 cr250

What do you think about this for $600 (firm) I'm not crazy about the left side kick, but he says it runs good and don't need anything. I want a bike to restore/ride W/O spending much $$ and this looks kinda good to me.


Id buy it for 600 it looks to be in good shape

After awhile the left side kick won't bother you.

Ya you wellget use to it after a month or 2

The '83 CR250 was a great bike and very reliable. If it's in good shape that is a great price as it should be very competitive if you decide to race vintage MX.

The left side kick won't bother you at all. I had an '83 CR480 for years and you get used to it very quickly.

The '83 CR's were the last of the front drum brake CR's so it's eligible for vintage racing and highly sought after. Buy it.

the water pump areas on the early 80s Hondas are notorious for corrosion. If there is anyway to pull the water pump cover to see in the water jets and the impeller area, I would highly suggest that!!!! But looks like a good price.

The problem with the water pump was with the magnesium covers. I don't know if the 83 was mag or aluminum If it is aluminum you should be good if it's mag but in good shape just keep fresh coolant in it and you will be ok.

Awesome bike man. You can't go wrong by picking it up. I rode one for many years....reliable as a rock. I later swapped in a front end from an 84 just for the disc brake....that was the hot ticket back then.

Yeah, the left side kicker.

Just stand beside the bike and kick it w/your right foot.

After a while you'll be able to kick it sitting on the bike/left footed. I used to get strange looks from people when I had mine.



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