Hey EGO Check this one out....

GNCC Action..... #829


This years season designated as Mud/Rock Fest 2003.... Gotta Love it....

Bonzai :)

Hey - is that a KDX dropping the hammer on you? :):D

Looks like fun!


Thats you on the Yama? Thought you'd be bigger.

Yeah, he hears that a lot. :)

How come your so clean :)

Cause I don't eat roost !

Well Sometimes I do.....


Bonzai :)

I Don't recall seeing that Green Slime Machine anywhere in sight after the first couple of big hill climbs. What you don't see in the picture (Cause I cropped it) is the three hooligans invloved in a crash up derby next to the turn pole....

Bonzai :)

Turn Pole

Is that like a pole Cat? :)

I here them Pole cats and Turn Poles can be ruthless in the south

Not like the North West Pole Sitter that is meek and mild. :D

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