2000 -vs- 2001 headpipe


Because there is no real power gain, and especially NO HEAT SHIELD on the aftermarket products, I want to go with a 2001 headpipe for my 2000 model - just to gain access to the oil filter cover (bolt).

If anyone changes their 2001 system, I would be interetsed in their headpipe. I eyeballed a 2001 at a dealership, and it looks like the connect points to the muffler are the same.

... just an inquiry.



If you are just looking for access to the oil filter, I was told that you can loosen the pipe, rotate it enough for clearance, and tighten it in this position. Haven't tried it on my 2000 yet. They said it just sticks out a little more and is more prone to taking a blow if you go down. Anyone done this, or is this a bonehead idea? I did see it on one bike. Saw the dent, too.

You can't leave it rotated out and tightened because the headpipe flange won't sit flat on the cylinder mating surface. When you re-align the pipe after an oil change, it's how the flange flattens onto the cylinder that aligns the pipe, followed by tightening the pipe-to-pipe clamp. So the short answer is no.

Techman is exactly right. You will end up with an exhaust leak and a popping machine.

Scott F

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