2003 YZ450 with an exhaust leak & backfires

I've developed an exhaust leak between the head pipe and muffler/silencer. I've separated it, cleaned it, and put red RTV for a gasket and that used to quite it down for a while. Now it's begun to eat away at the metal and RTV isn't doin the trick. How do I fix it and will this eventually burn a valve if it sucks in enough cool air?

It will not ever burn an exhaust valve. That's a myth from the '50's. As far as how to seal it, what kind of pipe is it first?

its a pro-tec m-1 exhaust system.


I assume it's a slip fit with no clamp used. You might take it to a muffler shop and have them expand the header a little to tighten the fit. Just because the RTV is red does not men it will handle high temps. Use a black one labeled "high temp".

Copy, thanks a bunch! This thumper talk is pretty sweet, finally some answers!

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