yz125 forks on a 04 450f for ice

im looking at using a set of 2000 yz125 forks to lower and use for ice racing on my 04 yz450f. figure just cut the springs in the 125 forks and swap them out for dirt and ice and strap the rear.

im wondering if these forks will work like if the brakes will bolt up, the front wheel mounting(looks like i might just have to get the 2000 spacers???)

also anyone know what to do to setup a bike for ice im 145lbs riding with the stock setup???


I have never heard of anyone doing or wanting to do this.:ride:

The 2000 forks were 46mm, and the '04's were 48mm. Owning to that, the triples will have to be changed. The biggest problem with that, other than the fact that it's much simpler to slide tubes in and out than bother with the steering head, is that the 125 stem is 12mm or so shorter than the 450's. The brake and wheel won't be much trouble, but I'd look for '04 or later forks to start with.

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