2006 YZ450F Broken Case

Hey guys. I recently had a rear hub fail causing my chain to derail and it took out my ignition side case where the clutch linkage goes through.

My question is, can I buy a used ignition side case off eBay and put it back together? Or do I have to buy both sides because they have to be matched or somthing (Yamaha doesnt sell just one side, you have to buy the pair)

Im trying to take the most cost effective route because this bike isnt worth very much any more, but I want to do it right. What are the potential problems, if any, of buying a case that wasnt part of a matched pair from the factory? Thanks

Man I feel your pain. Mine did the same thing except my hub didn't fail at the same time, I replaced my hub a year ago. But I went ahead and ordered a new case and gaskets. I ordered the cases for ronayers.com and get both of them for 400 bucks.

Crankcases are, or should be, sold only in pairs, and should never be mixed. All of the shaft bores are cut with the cases bolted together to assure they line up. $640 at TT OEM.

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