plastics and idle problem

just bought this bike yesterday. It runs but wont idle. when the choke is on the bike runs fine but when i turn the choke off it wont stay running. I have adjusted the air flow screw and nothing. I have now took the carb off and cleaned the jets and the inside of the carb good ,my float jug gasket was pinched a lil bit. I just ordered a new one, could that be the problem.

also I just found out that the gas tank was leaking gas underneth were the tank sits on the frame It looks like it has been repaired whith expoxy but didnt hold up. I am aslo looking for some plastics since a couple of mine are broke.

so if you have some I will be willing to buy them my tank shroud is all cracked up.

thanks for any help..... :ride:


Sounds like a plugged pilot jet

Did you remove the pilot to check if you could see through it?

Plenty of plastics on ebay or pretty cheap from the TT store.

Your best bet for plastics is to order a full aftermarket kit or get all the OEM stuff through the TT store.

I'd check the carb, but look at the jets too. Go to the stock size jets and make sure they are clean so you have a good starting point.

All my plastics are acerbis from the TT store.


thanks guys, i have cleaned the carb and it runs like a champ it does have a lil backfire when dacel but i heard that was normal. I think i have found some plastics to. and as far as my gas tank I used some plastic weld and so far so good.:ride:

do you know where i can get the frame protecters the blue plastics ones? cant find them anywhere

right on man. i must have missed

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