'00 to '01 clutch differences

So far, '01 426 owners haven't complained of clutch problems (at least on this site). Does anyone know if there are part number differences for the internal push rod and/or bearing, between the '00 and '01 models? I'd like to get these parts on order if they are different(improved)and interchangeable.

There is a „clutch damper spring” in the 01 YZ426 clutch. The number of Plates are the same as in the 00 model. The last friction plate has a larger inner diameter to give room for the damper spring.

It’s hard to describe (in English) so I post a picture later, if I find a scanner soon…

I could not test-drive my new 01 426 till now, the track’s in Germany, France, Italy are all floated by now!


Originally posted by MaxGrip:

There is a “clutch damper spring” in the 01 YZ426 clutch.


My ’00 has these springs too, but I read that Yamaha was using stiffer damper springs for ’01.

Here's I've found out so far about the clutch differences between the '00 426 and the '01 426 from the Chaparral parts guy and a direct call to Yamaha. Everything below is subject to change without notice.

Parts that are different:

-clutch basket

-inner hub

-last friction plate along with both flat and spring washer

-throw-out bearing which now needs a ball

-push rod (Craparral says it's the same, but Yamaha says it's definitely different)

I've also heard something about the bumper springs at the backing plate being different.

Parts that are the same (according to Chaparral parts dept.) :

-remaining friction discs

-pressure plate

I didn't inquire about the clutch springs or separator plates.

I asked the Yamaha reps if I could retrofit the new parts (excluding the basket and hub, because I have the Hinson basket) and they said they wouldn't recommend it, but they wouldn't recommend anything anyway (to protect themselves, I suppose). They also said they couldn't see why it wouldn't work (go ahead and try it) , but they still couldn't make any recommendations. I asked if the '01 clutch is better than the '00 clutch, but they weren't at liberty to comment, other than to say that they like to think their product is improved each year.

The Yamaha number was 800-490-5645

Are there any '00426 owners willing to be a Guinea Pig? :)

ok, I found a scanner!

Drawing of the 01 426 clutch: http://communities.msn.de/maxgrip

holeshot discriped the part as "a large diameter spring washer" Good description !

I would like to test this thing in my friends 00 426, but I guess we have to wait for springtime :)

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