Whats your opinion on the 08??

I found 2 2008 yz450's and they look good and they guy said his boys raced both in the A class in arenacross and motocross. Said he has put a crank and piston and valves in both with about 4 hours on them both. They look clean and hes willing to meet me half way in distance and is asking 3250 for either of them. A white one and blue one. Just wondering your opinions. Ya they were raced but seems like they were taken good care of. Thanks for everything.

the way i always thought about it was that when people just play ride they dont really take that good ofcare of there bikes.( some cases) but most of the time when people race they dont want to have a break down cuz raceing cost a money and theres no reason to loose money.. i take it if his boys raced in the Aclass then the bikes are well taken care of. might look a little beat but but they prob run good..

just my .02

any a class rider will stress components faster beacuse they work harder.

with any bike that you buy used you take a risk of not knowing what it was through. here you do know, it been in some of the most demanding conditions with the best care. better then a no care low hours bike any day.

its your choice but it does sound like a good deal.

ask for some freebies(oil filters plastics....)

test :ride:

good luck

have you looked around, and also out of state for a new one? Dealers here in NE Ohio, Pittsburg PA, Toledo OH, Detroit Mi area dealers were selling NEW 08 yz450f for $3999 plus tax/title out the door, and 08 yz250f for $3599 tax/title out the door. I even saw 09 Yz450f being advertised for $4199.

I agree with above that most racers take care of their equipment. But also consider why they buy new, race one year on it, and sell it. They are avoiding what is coming...complete rebuild. Are you sure they rebuilt it right?

I personally would not buy it. Too much risk for TOO much money IMO.

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