Front brake issue on 98 wr400

Just bled the front brake on my buddies wr400 and it seemed to loosen the grip on the rotor. After riding just around the block the front brake had almost completely seized, and had to bleed it again to roll it home. New to thumpertalk any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Is it possible the resivoir is filled a little too high creating a back pressure. And even gets worse when the fluid warms up during riding?

Possibly, that makes sense but I would need to bleed it several more times to see if that could be. The brake fluid level was very high now that I think of it. I'll try bleeding it again and again, and hopefully that will have some effect. Thanks for the reply!

Did he mention that it did that before you did the brakes? You may want to clean out the caliper if it was. The rubber seals can collect dirt behind them and prevent the piston from retracting.

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