2003 WR450 Mods

Can any one give some advice, I just picked up my 2003 WR450 and needed some help on what mods can be done? which work the best and are worth doing.

Welcome, here are the free (almost) mods you should start with:

1)Uncork the exhaust by removing the black factory insert in the tailpipe and replace it with a larger aftermarket one such as the GYT-R insert made by Yamaha. 2)Replace the throttle stop screw with one from a YZ 450 which will allow the slide in the carb to open all the way. 3)Rip out the baffle from your airbox. 4) Cut the gray wire coming out of the CDI box under the gas tank. You can do a search on any of these mods and get all the details you need.


Can the throttle stop mod be done without removing the carb?


Yes it can. just remove the panel to access the carb cable at the carburator, you could also just cut the stop as I did. I cant remember the recomended length off the top of my head at this time. Also if yours is like my was from the dealership it was jetted lean so you will want to rejet it.

I was going to have the mechanic at the dealership do the throttle mod for me, but the dealership wouldn't let him. I was told to cut off 10 mm. Haven't done this yet. Does that sound like the right amount to cut off?


WR 450

Cut it to exactly 23mm overall. This is the size of the YZ450 screw! :):D

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