WR426 Forks

Everything has been running brill on the WR, got the cooling started. Tested it on the local trails, performed awesome.

Cleaned the bike off at the garage, then gave it a good going over when back at home. However, i noticed some damage to the outer fork leg. Not sure of the exact name, but the gold looking part, not the shiney chrome part. At first i though some tree bark had got stick on there somehow. But, looking at it, it seems as though the gold looking materialhas flaked away a little, and there is some "organic" or woven type material under there.

So, it doesn't have any effect on the bike as far as i can see/tell, and all looks structurally fine.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?? Think to be double safe i'm gonna put some liquid metal in there and smooth it down.

Cheers for any answers


If I understand you right, the gold part should be all aluminum, nothing "organic". Is there still crap stuck in there? I doubt filler will make any difference.

I see what u mean. The gold stuff is of metallic composition. But it looks to me to be just a covering! Still, all is well with it. Works perfect!

Many thanks for your help.

Ok, the "gold" is called anodized aluminum - anodizing is a process that hardens the surface of the aluminum using electricity and acid to etch the metal, then heating it in boiling water to hgarden and seal it and in most cases, during this process, just before the hot water, color is added - thus the gold - you can do whatever color you choose though.

If the anodizing is breaking away, it is likely that it became scratched at some point, and a foreign material such as salt got into the exposed aluminum and is now "rotting" it causing a buildup that looks similar to a white mold but is actually oxidized aluminum - it will flake off if you scrape it.

Not a big deal - just cosmetic.

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