Hard Starting (COLD) 07 WR 450

I just brought this bike home from the dealer two weeks ago with 525 miles on it. It started right up in their warm shop. But in my COLD garage (25-30 degrees) and with fresh gas, I have to kick and kick with the choke on to get it to go. I pull the choke out, push it through a couple times to TDC, then give a big kick, with no throttle (I started holding onto the master cylinder). I counted one evening and it took 50 kicks to start. Is this from a dirty carb, or do the jets need changed for winter riding? I never had to change jets on any other bike for winter use. It's like the choke isn't giving enough gas.

Once it is warm it lights right up, and the jetting seems pretty good.

Also the water pump leaks when it first starts COLD, but quits. The dealer told me the seals were just cold. But then again, that never happened on any of my other bikes. Bad seals, or just cold?

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You using the cold start procedure, IE give it 2 cranks on the throttle then kick it.

Whats up with the E start?

Check for fouled plug. If mine won't start first or second, fifty times later you've fouled the plug. take it out clean it, check gap, it will start 1st or 2nd. trust me.

Change seals on water pump when get the chance, cause it shouldn't leak when cold.

Got mine in the garage covered with a fleece blanket, keeps the damp off and the fuel warm, probably warmer here in the UK than where you are.

Degrees, I got no idea what your talking about, its centigrade where i come from.:ride:

went out on mine when it was -5 here. bike kept in cold brick garage.

normally, turn bike over a few times with decomp in. get to tdc with kick start lying flat (pointing towards rear of bike) then pull in decomp, turn k/s through 15 ish degrees i guess. back to top, then a nice smooth hard kick down. i found stabbing at the kick start doesn't work, but kicking it like your going to follow it through works...... took me 20 mins at the petrol station to work this one out!!! must have looked stupid...

p.s if real cold,, couple of flicks of throttle,,, helps get a bit more fuel in

p.s if real cold,, couple of flicks of throttle,,, helps get a bit more fuel in

These are pumper carbs, so a couple twists of the throttle squirts fuel in every time. I usually use 2 squirts (2 turns of the throttle to approx 3/4 throttle) for a cold start. If the ambient temps are below 40ish, it may take 3-4. The colder the temp, the more fuel is required. You'll be amazed at how easy it will start (if the jetting is correct).

Ahhhhh - like the primer button on my sled....

Makes sense, gonna try it.

I had to give about 5 pumps of the throttle and it fired right up. The outside temp is about 30 degrees - about -1 celcius. I'll keep working on sorting out a routine, and keep tweaking the jetting.

Nothing wrong with the e-start. I was told to kick start it cold, then can use the button once it warms up.

Thanks for the help. Although my right leg was getting pretty strong.

Does this need to be in the stickys? I searched and read several threads about starting, but none of them mentioned this trick.

I went through the same thing when i first got mine (06 wr450f 121miles) kicked it till i was out of breath. I don't leave gas in the bowl when i park it anymore, turn the fuel on, pull the choke, pump a few times depending on the temp outside and it and hit the button. if it doesnt start right away i crack the throttle a little. im kinda short so kicking it is harder if i dont have anything to stand on. and the water pump seal leaked at least once when cold.

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