CRF450 to XR650

I currently have a CRF450 that I bought after realizing the go-fast limitations of my XR400. I like the power and light weight of the CRF, but not the low top speed, high rev and tiny crankcase. I like the grunt, low-maintenance and durability of the XR400, but not the low power and weight. I am considering selling the 450 and getting a XR650. I ride desert, usually 50-120 mi rides once or twice a week. I also climb big hills and like fast whoops and sigle track. Any insight would be great.

The XR650R weighs something like 283lbs dry (listed as 277 lbs). It's not a light weight by anymeans, but it hides it weight well most of the time and is still winning the Baja races. The only time where the weight becomes a factor to me is when trying to MX the bike, going down steep technical hills and on big jumps. The bike shines when going fast for a long time, loves the desert, likes fast whoops, straightaways, big hills, singletrack, fire roads, etc. I can also comfortably putt around with the kids, ride leisurely or romp on the bike and its always happy. It also make a nice dual sport from what I understand and its reliable. It's a great all around bike to me, although I wish it weighed 50lbs less.

Have you considered getting a z-Start autoclutch for your CRF to make it more friendly on singletrack? I've only ridden a CRF450 twice, but I really liked it and I'm looking forward to seeing the CRF450X when it arrives.

I have ridden a few CRF's, and going from a CRF to a BRP would be quite a difference. From an XR400 to BRP no problem. :)

I came directly off an XR400(440) onto an XR650. The transition was very smooth and I gained the power that I was looking for. The bikes are very similar except for the weight and width(and power). As long as the 650 is moving(1-100MPH) the weight is not a factor, it feels no heavier than the 400, and the throttle makes it feel 50lbs lighter. Sitting on the bike in the showroom does not tell the true story.

I ride mostly single track(Technical)(50-60 miles), and on the trails I normally ride, was faster on the 650 from the first day I hopped on it(and I rode the 400 to its limits). The bike is very stable and holds its line well. You will only feel the extra weight on steep downhills(inertia)and 6+foot drop offs. The bike laughs at loose, rocky hillclimbs, the longer the hill the better.

So far the maintanence has been the same as the 400, which as you know is low(more ride time). The bike does guzzle gas and eat tires.

Thanks for the info, I am seriously looking at the KTM 525 MXC and SX model. I also found a leftover '02 300 MXC 2 smoke which by the way got outstanding reviews. We'll see what happens...

CRF450 to 525SX !!

Well I couldn't pass it up, I got one. :)

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