Woods Riders-tires?

I put up this post on the YZ forum and thought it ought to go hear as well. All these posts on tire choices seem to be for track use. What about woods/trail riding.

What do you all like for tires?

I'm after something that hooks-up in the steep forests of the Pacific Northwest. Did I mention wet? How about muddy, and rutted, oh there's clay too, and rocks, and slippery roots for added entertainment.

I see lot's of reference to the 756's and the m12 s12, anyone use the x11 trials tire? What other options do you guys like?

I like a 752 rear, the 756 is similiar but I don't seem to get as good as life out of the edges. For the front I like a 755 on the track and in the woods unless its really rocky then 739 front and 695 rear.

I had good luck with a Michelin M12 rear and S12 front. Right now I have a Pirelli MT44 on the rear and it seems to be working alright so far, haven't tried it in the rocks yet though.

I've heard those x11 tires really hook up on rocky/rooty terrain. Pretty pricey

So far I've only 'heard' about those x11's. Nobody I know has ever rode on one or even knows of anyone else that has. The closest opinion I got was from the guys that sell them...as you can imagine they tell a good story, though they still can't give me a ride on one.

I'm building an 18" rear wheel so I'll have more tire options and maybe save myself from a flat. Don't really need the 19"er since I don't race/ride on a track.

The only weekness of the S12 to me are that they seem to get flat really fast on hard terrain. I know they are not made for that but here, going from a logging road to another often implicates a little pavement ( few meters ) or roads covered with little broken rocks (forgot the word in English) Anyway the S12 suffers a lot in those conditions. Otherwise, it is the most efficient.

The D756 and 752 are really good too and seem to last longer here

I've never rode the Pirelli but I would love to try the MT32 and 18

Anyone tried the D739G for 4-stroke bikes?


140/80/18 S-12 rear and M-12 front. Run 16 PSI rear and you will hardly flat. From woods to sandy desert to even dual sport they rock. Also try the Maxxis IT. They work almost as good front and rear and last a bit longer.

roads covered with little broken rocks (forgot the word in English)

Math, I think you mean gravel.

BTW - any luck with the MSR gear?

Peace Eh - P.Z.

After trying any and all combo's I could come up with my current flavor of the week is the Pirelli MT44 front and MT32 rear. We ride in every type of terrain there is and I have been very pleased with the wear on these tires. I can see trying other rear tires but the front is a keeper until Pirrelli quits making it.

I like the 756 rear and the 755 in the east rocks and slimey wet clay, mud with downed trees and roots thrown in for good measure. The 756 rear edges did wear fast in the big rocks and fast powerslideing gravel rodes but it seems to slip less on rocks and roots now that its (broken in) but still climbs loose stuff with athority, dose that sound crazy? I dont know but the 755 paws over stuff ohter tires would rail on (like downed trees off angle in wet muddy ruts) and makes my bike feel so stable and safe on the wet nasty stuff Its like having two front wheels :) . The front still looks as new as it is. I was a bit peeved that the rear looked beat after 4 hours but it still feels great so Im going to run it till its whooped. These are the only tires Ive tried over the stock 739 wich lasted forever but was awefull in mud, sand, and the woods but good on hardpack and rocks.

I probably ride the same woods you do. I like the M12's myself front and rear during the rainy season, like when is it not raining :) and go with a good intermediate for the rest of the time.

I have ridden with two guys with the X11 tire. The first was a guy at Brown's Camp running a Gas Gas 300. He did quite well, but was worthless when we hit a little snow or wet needles.

The second person was Steve Claus. I was along for the ride at Jones Creek when he wrote the article. Steve was doing very well on all of the rocks and roots. On the roads he was hooking up great for wheelies. The tire hooked up great, but I have heard the knobs start to split before the tire is worn.

I have ran the S12, M12, M5B, and VE33. The S12 lasted a couple of rides, but hooked up well. The M12 lasted better, but tended to slide out in turns on wet clay. The tire I prefer is the IRC Volcanduro (VE33) from Rocky Mountain MC for $46. I have had a few of these with super traction and long life.

When riding areas like Brown's Camp where the trails are snotty, rocky, but slower I run 8-10 lbs. in the rear with 12 lbs. in the front. I boost the air about 2 lbs. on each end for the dry summer weather up there. When running faster terrain I bump up to 15 rear and 17 front. I have yet to get a flat while riding my 600 for the past two years. I always run HD tubes.


Thanks for the info, this was what I was looking for. I've been intrigued by the x11 since reading that article but also paranoid that the thing couldn't really be that good or more people would be riding one. Browns to the Trask has been my favorite place to ride and I've about worn out my stock tire. Thanks for the help and suggestions, I'll have a look at the VE33, sure like the price better than that x11.

Have ever heard of the Terra Flex ?

BrandonW rides a Terra Flex, PM him or do a search on this forum. Do you know Burnrider on here? He rides with a group of guys on the Yamhill side of the Trask all of the time. I went with him once, hopefully will hook up with him again.

Where were you for the PNW TT ride April 19th? We had a blast at Brown's Camp and Jordan Creek. Hopefully we will do it again in June.



I don't know either of these guys personally, but have been reading/exchanging posts with them since last fall. Work got in the way on the 19th, one of the drawbacks with running your company...when it absolutely has to get done, YOU get to do it. I met 'OldBlue' when I bought one of his brake line clamps, but never riden with him.

After reading all these posts I think I've decided to try the s12.

I run Pirelli MT 16 fronts, with MT18 rears. This is the best combo I have ever used. It is comparable to the VE33 series but is a High quality tire.

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