Any TTers want to meet for the Hatfield McCoy dirt bike week on June 23-29

Any tters want to join us. I was there last year and had a blast. You will need to move immediately because most motels are almost filled. Log on the Hatfield McCoy Website. Let us know if you are going so we can meet. We will be ridding Friday and Saturday and Sunday. 300 miles of marked trails. you can even ride into town on your bike and eat. Could be the east coast TT ride. Fred Here is the site. click on events.

What part of the trail system will you be riding on I live about 50 minutes from the waterways trailhead

We are up to ridding anywhere you want.

Im up for this..

But I have never been there before, what should I expect? How much is the daily hotel cost?

The trail system is very extensive. I have never been there and would like to hook up with the TT group members. Is any one thinking of camping or cheap motels? How many people are going so far? I hope there is a good turn out. Thanks for the Post. :)

I definatly want to go. I plan on staying in cheap hotels.

Anyone want to share a room? I want to find the cheapest way of staying there.

So.. How many people?

Add your name to the list below



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