project, just for fun.

So im thinking about tearing down the old 426 and giving it a little tlc, i haven't riden or started it for about 3 years and thought it would make a fun project to bring it back to life. Im thinking a rebuild of the motor, suspenshion, and some fresh bearings would be a good start, then maybe some cleaning and polishing, new plastic and fresh graphics, along with having the frame pc'd or painted. the only thing im not sure about is the exhaust, it has a full big gun, but it's time to upgrade, i've been thinking about trying newer systems as i've heard 06 exhausts will work, any suggestions would be great, or any ideas, this is my first build so im gonna take my time and have fun with it.

Go for it I'll end up refreshing my 426 when the time comes which wont be any time soon.

up to 09 muffler will work, some people say they have problems with the header, I got a 2007 rmz 450 to work on my 98 yz400f. nothin but a muffler bracket was needed

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