bar advice

Hey guys, wanting to put pro-tapers on my

426. Any advice on what all to include? Can I use my stock top clamp and a universal

kit with the yz hi pro-taper or should I go to an aftermarket top clamp and if so which?

I know this is partially subjective but any

shared experience would be appreciated. I may want to add a Scotts damper later ($$$) so this obviously affects my choices??? Any

word on particular bends. I'm 6 foot, 185.

Hope this question isn't viewed as too dumb.

thanks in advance.



like a kid again, 00426

I use Pro Tapers with the universal mounts on my 426. I transferred the mounts and bars from my CR250 (long since gone) and still haven't tweaked them. I use a low bend, but I will probably go for a higher, straighter bend, if they ever need replacing.

I don't know how, or if, the Scotts damper will work with universal mounts.

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Check out the Renthal site for bends used by the pros. You'll find that everyone has their own preference. Consider total height if you use adapters, (aka, you'll most likely want a low rise bar).

ProTaper or Renthals with the bowed bars will work with the Scott damper regardless of top clamp. The problem would be the weld or bolt mount, since this goes from damper to frame, and if the top clamp is made higher by an adapater you may have problems. However, Scott does have designs that work with bar risers.

E-mail them before you decide. They are very quick to respond and very helpful.

And sometimes what you pay for a new triple clamp and the Pro-Tapers, is close enough to what you'll pay for the bowed Renthals and damper. Check the math.

Hope this helps.


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