long mono's

Hi I have just bought a wr450 for trailriding (08) Had my first ride today and after doing some pretty long mono's well over a KM It got me thinking am I going to have a problem with oil starvation? All seemed well no noises etc Will it still be picking up oil while on the back wheel? (you'd think so otherwise what about steep hills)

Any input appreciated,


being a dry sump motor it should work even upside down if desired, I suppose

This should be of no concern....

well, let the wheelies continue !

mono = wheelie :ride: I that term.

mono? oil? are u talking about the shock? lol

mono = wheelie :ride: I that term.

LOL.... i was wondering what the heck he was talking about

mono = wheelie :lol: I that term.

I mean.... I like that term. :ride:

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