Cracked Fuel Tank

Is Yamaha warrantying the tanks that crack?

I heard that they were for the '00 426 but I

have a '99 400 that has exhibited the same

crack. Anyone know how to repair these or

is this a case where you have to purchase

a new tank?

Yamaha sent me a new tank through the dealer for my '00 but I wonder how far back they'll go. Contact the dealer you bought the bike through and maybe they'll take care of the '99s too.

Oh yea, I had my '98 tank crack after 2yrs, no warrenty but I did find a place that welded it. Look in Yellow Pages under plastic fabricating. Had to call a few before I found one to do it.

[This message has been edited by F-Pilot (edited 11-27-2000).]

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