'01 YZ426 Newbie

:ride: Hey guys,

I bought a 426 last month and love it. But the prob I have is I have not kept up with th MX scene for the last 17 yrs or so. The 4's have come a long way since I last rode. My ? is what size sprocket should I have on the rear. I will be do trail riding and some street to work maybe. I got plated for st. The last guy who owned it had the wr stator installed so he could run lights. AZ is easy to plates for OHV. Right now it has a 45t on the rear and yesterday I got to open her up but just did'nt seem all that fast. RPM's were high when I was hauling down the dirt road. Can you guys give me ant maint tips, riding tips, and any general tips? Thanks! :lol:

RPM's were high with a 45?

What's the counter shaft sprocket?

On my '00 426, I'm running 13/48 for a little more top speed in the open desert. 49 or 50 would be better for a track. Your 45 would get you a lot of top speed, but would feel like a dog out of the hole. Also, a 45 wouldn't see high RPM's in 5th gear till you were flying down the road, unless you're running something pretty small up front. How fast are you looking to go?

Hey Ryan I just got a 01 426 today! What part of the valley you in? Im want to make mine street legal, what does your set up consist of?

wr front head light and rear fender with tail light. WR stator. Im in Bullhead city. Were you at?

Me too! just bought an 02 426 yesterday! What a hoss! this thing hauls !

I haven't ridden since back when a dt 400 was hot stuff.

Gonna have to ease into with this bike.

I know this is one sick bike!! Love it!!!!

For you answer i changed the sprockets on mine and now its awsome for the trails, and with my other set i can do at least 75 no problum

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