Scotts Damper and Triple Clamp Mismatch

I have 2006 YZ 450F. It came with ProTapers Rubber Mount upper triple clamp...all great until I bought Scotts damper with stock YZ mount kit. The PTRM 3 clamp has special bar clamps which use different type of bolt than stock, also the clamp bolts come in at a slight angle instead of straight down. So I ordered a PT clamp mount kit the assured would fit.

Got it, and it does not fit...the angles for the bolts are a little different, plus the spacing across between the bar clamps is about 1/4 " different. They claim it will fit, would like to see that miracle.

So I abandoned that idea and ordered a stock triple clamp and it arrived today. It is the complete tree upper and lower. Went to put it on the upper as that is all I need and it does not fit. I figured it would be a clean swap...the forks fit fine in there, but as you press it down further it stopped short of allowing the steering column bolt to go through. The diameter of the hole on the stocker is smaller than the Pro Taper Rubber Mount, which fits perfectly.

I would have guessed the stocker 3clamp would do it. Checking it out...except for not fitting over the steering column bolt, everything else will be a go. Before I remove the lower, curious if any feedback that if it already seems off, would I be getting into any other fitment issues if I simply replace the whole thing? I know there can be some issues if you have the wrong year and I am taking it at face value I received the 2006 year model. Under upper triple clamp it has a number stamped 1C350...not sure if that means anything...could not locate that googling.

This is getting very costly thus far...I figure I have enough parts to either find some way to adapt something, or start my own business.

Any thoughts? I HEAR these dampers are really great...

Is the clamp set you bought used? Sounds like it's a earlier model. The top of the stem on an '06 is larger than the earlier ones.

Scotts damper kits have to be ordered for the specific triple clamp you're going to run, right down to which position you put the handlebars in when there are any options.

Thanks Gray...Yes, used off Ebay. They specifically listed it as 2006. Do you happen to know if there is such a difference between an earlier year and 2006 that if I put the entire clamp system, upper and lower and stem could it work or is there a chance I will put a bind on the forks or something worse?

Pro Tapers sent the wrong part, but actually it was the only thing showing in the catalog when I was at the parts store. They had to special order it so there was no way to know until it arrived. That PT Rubber Mount is unlike anything else with the different bolt patterns, angles and spacing.


Since people have used '06 forks on earlier bikes a number of times, I imagine earlier clamps will sit on an '06 alright. The biggest difference is that the '06 and up clamps space the tubes 2mm farther apart. But if you say PT sent the wrong clamp, maybe that's why the other top doesn't fit, and not that the eBay clamps are wrong. Try it out.

One way to ID the eBay clamps is that '06 and up has handlebar clamps that can be removed from the top clamp and reversed. '05 and earlier does not.

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