OT: Tents for Trucks

Anybody try these out? I just ordered one, looks slick. Supposed to fit right in the bed. I wonder how hard they are to setup first time :) I'll probably be doing it in the dark this weekend :D

I have one for my truck. It kicks ass :) Very easy to set up and fits great.

What is it with you Western Canadians? You guys love your trucks so much that you wanna sleep in them? I know they call it the truck bed, but that's pushin' it :D !

Have a good long week-end men......wherever you sleep. :)

Peace Eh - P.Z.


When I moved out here from SW Ontario I owned a little sports car. But after driving it for one winter I saw the light. You need a truck to get into the backcountry plain and simple. Hey how was the sleddin' in Revy? :)

Banffboy, I actually drive a full size Chev 4x4, but I don't usually sleep in it :D ! Truthfully, I have done the air mattress/sleeping bag thing under the stars, in the back of the truck, but I'm getting spoiled. Now if I'm riding a two-day event, I ususally try to get a room preferably somewhere close to a bar. :D I guess that's not really an option where you guys ride!

The sleddin' in Revelstoke was awesome!!! It is completely different than flatland riding, really entertaining, and sometimes frightening :) . We had a good guide, good sleds and good weather, really couldn't have had a better time :D . Given the chance, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

First weekend with the tent set up and it snows in the East Kootenay's :D A little cold but the tent is awesome, no leaks and lots of room......Plus great riding(before the snow). Glad you had great time in revy. It can be quite the intimidating place. I've skiied there, and it's not for the faint of heart :)

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