Help! 426 Starting Question?

I just bought a 2000 model 426 and it is my first 4-stroke. I am following the cold starting drill to the letter but every time I get the bike to fire up it only runs for a second or two and then stalls out. What should I do? My gut instinct is to give it some throttle but everything I have read says stay away from the gas. Help!

Thanks, med56


Hi there,

When it is all fired-up You could try to open the throttle slightly.

It is under the start-up period the throttle is a nono !


Try a half turn more idle speed when it’s cold.

If you are using the choke and this is happening first try more idle and then try it without the choke, prime the motor with the accelerator pump using a short blip of the throttle instead of the choke.

Hope this helps!

Med, when your bike is stone cold, and ambient temps are 70F or less, follow this procedure. Turn on the choke, give the throttle two full twists, find TDC, pull the comp lever, move the kick lever one inch, release comp lever, raise kick starter to top, kick it through, and admire the exhaust note. This works first kick, every time. If the temps are near freezing, twist the throttle three times. If it is in the 30-50F range, leave the choke on for 30 seconds, if warmer, turn the choke off after 5-10 seconds. Let it idle for no more than 1-2 minutes, then roost away.

Thanks guys. I turned the idle up a little and got it running today. I gotta get used to this 4-stroke thing though. Old habits die hard!

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