Quieter exaust - 2001 WR426

Hi guys,

I just picked up a loud (but incredibly fun) WR426 with a Stroker SX1 exhaust, and I need to tone it down a bit to ride on public lands.

I don't want it quiet, just quiet enough to be legal, and hopefully without choking the engine too much.

Any suggestions on a good pipe? Thanks.

Having owned the WR400, WR426 and now the WR450, I know what it's like to "ride the engine" for hours and hours with an R4 pipe. I got so tired of it, I bought an FMF Q pipe for the WR426 and transferred it to the WR450. It's got good bottom and midrange without taking too much off the top. It's kind of a "run it and forget it thing" now. USFS legal, decibel friendly and looks trick. The R4 is leaning againts the wall in the garage now. Poor R4....

Hello Highplains,

The R4 fitts right on the WR450 ?? If so, will you sell your R4?? and ship it to Europe, Holland?? Let me know wat it will cost, incl. the shipping.

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