Suspension Help

Recently brought a 06 yz450, the guy i bought it off was atleast 110-130kg

and the bike just feels wrong, soft, unstable and loooosseee!! :ride:

havent really got much experience with ride setups as my last bike just felt stable from the day i bought it.

is there any starting point i can go from rather then back to standard specs.

im 95KG (with riding gear) and 1.8m tall.

any help appreciated




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Do you know if he ever changed the springs from stock? At your weight (209 pounds), you're a bit heavy for the stock springing yourself, especially if that's your weight without your riding gear.

not sure if it has been changed, been reading the owners manual about settings etc, how can i tell if it's an original or not? should i be looking at a stiffer spring?

95kg is with riding gear, the bike has alot of sag n sits pretty low then plus my weight it seems a bit soft and not much return strenght



thanks mate! there a great help interesting to see if ive even got the right spring.

another quick question with sprocket ratio's, i mostly ride trails and the bike feels "laggy" in low rpm 3rd gear, and a bit short in second so im continously shifting from 2nd to 3rd, i;ve been told to try 14/47 set up? wats your thoughts? there standard sprockets atm.



Stock gearing is 13/49, and for a lot of people, that works pretty well in a wide variety of circumstances. You might go to something lower, like a 13/51 or 52 if most of your riding is really low speed stuff. 14/47 would be like locking the bike out of low gear. Might work for super moto, but certainly the wrong approach for trail riding.

ok thanks mate, good to get some advice off someone who knows wat their talking about

thanks again.

ok just a quick follow up, to see if i understood correctly

Race sag;

bike on centre stand: 630mm

rider on bike: 525mm

sag: 105mm (which indicates that is good??)

Should i lower this to 95mm to make the bike turn sharper?

Spring rate:

bike on center stand: 630mm

bike free standing: 600mm

sag: 30mm (which indicates that is the right spring rating?)This is also 1mm within guide lines should i change the spring?

Also how about front suspention setting are there any guid lines for them

i found some on the website above just wonder is they suit trail riding?




also the sprockets are 14/49 would changing it to 13/49 make a big impact??




also the sprockets are 14/49 would changing it to 13/49 make a big impact??
Major. 1 tooth at the front is roughly equal to 3 at the rear with sprockets in that size range:




The stock suspension settings are listed in the manual. A suspension set up guide is here:

All of the links I've posted here, and one to download manuals are in the Common Threads Sticky.

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