WR450F oil? what to use

got a wr 450f and looking at the manual and not quite sure what oilk to put in. might be a bit dumb. i live in england and was wondering what people sujjest.

many thanks


Search function....these are covered every month it seems. Lots of opinions.

ok cheers fella

well just had a quik browse and nothing has turned up. usualy put 10w 40w in bike but was wondering if its wise to put anything else in.


I run Lucas 10-30 for winter and 15-50 for summer. Lucas makes a specific synthetic motorcycle oil. I have been very satisfied with it. I run the same oil in my tranny on my two strokes as well.

i just poor 10w-40 yamalube into it, i buy it by the gallon

Yamlube semi sythetic

Castrol GTX with a lighter weight for winter.

Amsoil...works in all my bikes well.

Mobil 4t 10w-40

Castrol GTX with a lighter weight for winter.

that's pretty much all I've run in the last 15-20 years in 200,000 miles on a concours, DL1000,DL650,DR650's,KLR's and a WR250R. Never any problems:ride:

walmart 10-40 9 bucks a gallon. Not one problem.

I run belray Thumper 20-50 in mine, its what the guy at my local yamaha store suggested it seems very thick but i have had no problems with it. All my mates run motul full synthetic oil im pritty keen to give it a go i pay $50 for 4l of belray thumper and motul is about $95 for 4l

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