02 wr fuel tank

Just picked up a 02 wr 426 yesterday, is there a fuel tank that sits lower available for this bike? not liking the stock exxon valdes fuel tank much.

sure..... the YZ 426 tank.....you then must go with a YZ 426 seat.

Also --- check the aftermarket.....I believe it is Clarke that has the larger tank, yet skinner but then takes the YZ shrouds & seat.

I have the 2001 ---- after a couple rides....you'll get use to it and enjoy hearing your friends bitch about how small their tanks are and that they need gas.

I have an 01. I picked up a 426 YZ tank and seat on e-bay for $20. It made a big difference in weight and I find I can slide further up the seat to keep the nose down.

Clark, IMS, and Acerbis all make 3.4 gal "YZ" tanks that hold the same amoount of gas as the stck WR tank, but carry it lower and are narrow likethe YZ tanks. You do have to use the YZ seat. After the suspension and autodecomp cams, it's the best mod you can do to the early WRs...

Here is my 02' with the Clarke 3.3 and YZ seat. The tank is about the same capacity as the stock WR, but it does sit lower and the YZ seat allows you to sit farther forward. Overall I like it much better than the stock seating position. It still weighs almost as much as the Exxon Valdeze, it just makes it a little more comfy:smirk:


i agree. the yz426 tanks are great. i put one on my '02 wr426. it works great. just have to get a yz seat.

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