Starting problems 426F

My 426F has ran awesome since I got it. I just rejetted the carb since it was bogging alot. Here are the specs:

444cc kit (13.5:1 compression) Stage 2 hot cams

Main Jet: 170

Pilot Jet: 45

Fuel screw/Setting: 1 turn out

Needle/Position: middle clip

Filter: UNI

Pipe/muffler: FMF power bomb and powercore

Altitude Range: 100

Temp Range: 60 degrees

Once the bike starts it runs great, however if I stall its almost impossible to get it started. When I first rejetted it ran great, thats why I think this may be an ignition problem. Any Ideas of what to check would be very helpful.


Is your fuel screw set properly?... I run a 42 pj with the fuel screw somewhere around 1 1/4 turns out.

Hmmm, you have a point. Before I put the 45 in, it would start really easy. 2 or 3 kicks even when cold. Thanks for the tip. Looks like our bikes have about the same mods, so I'll take your advice.

OK, change the pilot to 42, set the fuel screw at 1 1/8 and no luck. I will try to mess with the ignition system and check the compression. Hopefully can find something cause I wanna ride next week.

I run a 48 PJ in my 444 but its an ice bike.

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