YZ 250F Jetting

I'm looking for a little help jetting my 2001 250F. I think the smaller motor is a lot more sensitive than my 99 400 on the air/fuel side of things. I live in Boulder CO @ 5300 ft. elevation and am riding MX @ about the same elevation. The weather has been on the cold side this month and pretty dry humidity wise. I have set the pilot screw @ 1 1/2 turns out and I can start it no problem with the motor stone cold, 2 or 3 kicks max. If the motor has been started or ridden it will not restart w/o cracking the throttle while while kicking (if @ all, hot start or not). I have run 2 full tanks of fuel through the bike as of today, so it's almost broke in. I plan on buying jets tomorrow. Gotta love these things, they feel about 100 lbs. lighter and make great power. Any thoughts?.....Thanks

How soes the 250f pull? Are you satisfied

with the performance? I should be getting

mine next week and I can't wait to swing

a leg over it. Do you feel that it is faster

than a 125?

what do you Guys think when riding the new YZ250F ?

Got seriously hurt two years ago so I have kept my YZ400-98 until now as it haven't been ridden that much.

but I'm planning a Come-back, and the biggest complaint I had about the YZ400 was the sort of heavy feeling compared to a 250cc 2-stroke, but on the other hand everything else is easier on the YZ400.

I have ordered a YZ250F, but here in Europe( Sweden)they will not be available until early spring. but it does not matter, as it's winter here ( i.e.like Minnesota)

please give some YZ250F riding experiences.

Especially have is the torque on low revs ?

have owned -XR250/400/600- / -DR350-, KLX250/300 trail bikes, and a # of 250cc MX:ers


Would you post your jetting for an assessment of what could be done. Here or at my other requesting thread, with complete specs - pilot, pilot screw, pilot air, needle code and clip#, main jet, main air. You don't need to tear it apart, just look in the manual.



If you want help scooter, post the jetting.

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