Larger tank w/ fluidine rads and guards??

I have an 08 450 with larger aftermarked radiators, and Scorpion radiator guards, and was wondering if putting a larger gas tank on would be out of the question now? I don't need much, like 3.3 at the very most...just a little more for trail riding is what I need. Any apinions are appreciated :ride:

A buddy of mine has an '07 and an '09 with Fluidyne's. One has a Clarke and the other has an IMS and both fit perfect. Unless the gaurds cause a problem you should be fine.

The tank will fit but you may have to modify the guards. I have an 05 with 3.3 GYTR tank (acerbis), fluidyne's, msr radiator guards on the front with ride engineereing braces across the back, the problem I had was with the left rear hose being pinched between the brace and the tank. The rear braces are made from aluminum so all I did was hammer out an area in the brace (the width and diameter of the hose) so the hose would not be pinched. Just make sure your radiator hoses are not rubbing or pinched off.

I have an 08 with a 3.3 clarke and will update you as i'm bolting fluidynes on this weekend!

I'm most interested in the IMS 3.1, and the Clarke 2.6. As of right now the front of the tank where the rad/ guards are has maybe 1cm of space between this going to be enough? Do the IMS, and Clarke protrude any further than the stock around where the rad is compared to the stock tank? Any help is greatly are up close pics. Thanks much.

As an owner of both tanks, the IMS is the better fitting of the two, and has the most clearance around the radiators. I don't know if what it has will be enough, but there's considerably more room with the IMS.

Thanks, much appreciated. Anyone have a pic's of the IMS tank around where the radiators are? I don't want to buy the tank and have to send it back if it doesn't fit properly. Thanks.


I'm one step all the motor mounted, swingarm, shock, forks, wheels, etc all new bearings...swingarm, linkage, stem, but was not able to get to the rads. There isnt enough time in the weekend..especially when you get called in on a Saturday...

Ok, just got it all finished...a week ago. I had no problem mounting my new Fluidyne rads on both sides with the stock hoses and the Oversize clark tank. I believe that i have the 3.5 gallon clarke with the cut out for the quick fill. I also used the MSR or Moose version of the rad guards that are essentially a replacement for the stock white deflectors. ie:

Not directing you to buy these, just a reference.

Very pleased with the install

Good deal, because I just ordered a 3.1 IMS tank...only sucky thing is they are on backorder in the black color :banana: I checked my rads and see that the extra capacity of them is out front compared to the stockers, so I think I will be kosher. Thanks for the input.

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