revloc install question wr450f

I am installing a revloc on my wr450f.

Question: How many allen bolts do you use for the


There are 6 holes, but mine came with 3 bolts.

Do you leave the other 3 holes alone?

revloc is not answering there phone and I want to ride this weekend on it

Found my answer 3 is correct

Install was easy

Just a question, Why did you spend so much for a revloc when you could have bought the z-start. $400 and it is adjustable and it is great! :)

The install on the z-start made me nervous.

The revloc install was easier than

a normal clutch replacement.

The revloc is adjustable on the trail.

1. lay bike on side,

2. remove clutch cover

3. add/remove washer/shims to 3 bolts.

both z-start and revloc have the same ball bearing type outer plate.

The revloc comes with a new outer basket that accepts the

small torx screws that hold the outer plate and the z-start uses a different method.

On the revloc the manual clutch still works too.

Great for those downhill-into-a-water-puddle-lift-the front tire situations.

ps The revloc price is now $850 + $400 core + $20 shipping.

This is for my 2003 wr450f.

The Z-start is probably the easiest out off all to install. 1). Remove stock pressure plate

2). Install Z-start pressure plate

3). Ride

4). 20 minutes total.

Adjustment is as easy as this for me.

1). Stop bike

2). adjust external spring pressure

3). ride

4). 5 minutes total

Also now AL has as Handle Bar mount for the external adjuster so now you can adjust your stall speed at the clutch side of the handle bars and this also gives you your Clutch lever back. It is I think $69 for existing customers and $99 for new customers. Also I could if I wanted go back to a manual clutch and install this in another bike if I wanted. I am not saying the revloc is not any good, It is I am sure. I am just sold on the Z-start as Mine has been great and I never have had customer service like AL and Dan have given me. They even call me back and let me know if there is a modification that they made and wanted to me know about. #1 service !! :)


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