Azonic Handlebars? Anyone Running'em or heard of'em?

Just saw a couple sets of Azonic bars at my local yamaha shop. I thought they looked pretty sweet. Kind of like Renthals, only with a bright chrome polished look. O.K, everyone's thinking big deal, there just another set of bars, but he told me that they had a life time warranty. So, I'm thinking holy Sh*t, who else offers that kind of warranty. Or, am I in the dark (wouldn't supprise me too much) and all the big manufactures offer lifetime warranty's? The bars really did look good, and all for around $70. :)

there is no such thing as a lifetime warranty on handlebars. If your dealer told you that, aski him to show you where it says that, or if he can call someone from Azonic and ask them.

Lifetime warranties normally cover manufacture defects. Any damage you incure is yours. :)

I understand where you guys are coming from, I'm usually pretty skeptical. He specifically told me that they were covered for life from bending while riding/wrecking (which i normally do a lot of both). I don't know if they are a new manufacturer, and that possibly they are doing this to get their name out there. :)

Azonic is big in Mountain Bike aftermarket parts

OK, did a little research and found out that O'neal makes Azonic bars. My dealer seems a little cheaper for the larocco bend that i saw on this particular site, which is good. However, in all of the rantings and ravings on this particular site, I didn't see anything about lifetime warranty, which if they had, I'm sure they would mention. But, maybe not. :)

my buddy had a set and we thought they would be indstructable being over size bars but he had a fairly good crash and the bars snaped right at were they grew in diamater. I was quite surprised to see them bust he never did see if there was any warrant though

We ride Azonic bars for couple of years here, they are pretty good and also look stylish. One of my freinds crashed big time last year, totally destroying his bike, the handlebar made through OK, so, we never thought about life time warrantee, but they seem like very strong bars.

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