Clutch Pushrod 01 YZ426

I am trying to figure out why my clutch adjustments (engine and perch ends) are both all the way out on my bike. I have an ASV lever and read a few posts here about the barrel extensions. They are sending them to me but I really don't understand why they are necessary. If you take a factory perch and lever and compare it to the ASV, the distance from the barrel adjuster to the cable barrel slot on the lever is almost identical. It seemed to me that there might be an issue with my clutch. I pulled it apart over the weekend and everything checks out OK. All of the plates measure well within the service tolerances and there does not appear to be wear on the basket or pressure plate. All of the spacers, thrust washers, etc... are in place. The one thing I noticed is that the larger push rod seems a bit worn (mushroomed) on the end that contacts engine lever. The short push rod and bearing are intact. The manual does not list a measurement for the rod. Does anyone know if these are prone to wear. Also the washer/plate which holds the actuator lever to the transmission case has an oblonged hole in it. It does not seem to affect operation but looks like it might lead to an oil leak. Does anyone have experience we these issues?

Was there a ball bearing inside the shorter push rod assembly? The mushroomed end on the long pushrod doesn't sound good.

Yes the ball bearing was in place between the short and long pushrods.

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