xr650 rear wheel collar question

hey all,

are the two little collars that shim into the rear wheel hub left/right specific? these are the collars that ride between the wheel and the swingarm and are what the axel feeds through.

at a glance they look the same. however, each one either already has or has developed it's own unique fine groving all the way around the collar... i can't tell it that is a groove that was put in at the factory or it thats the result of me not running enough grease inside the collar.

every time i put my rear wheel on i spend the first half of the next ride psyching myself out that i have the collars reversed.

i checked the shop OEM honda shop manual and it does not elaborate, however, it does refer to "left collar, right collar..."

any ideas?

They are the same part # so stop psyching yourself out. :)

They are the same part. Sounds like you should replace them though...once they get grooved up like that water and mud and all that good stuff gets in the hub and will quickly wear out the wheel bearings.

They are the same, don't worry about which is which. . If they are grooved, then replace them, yes. Sand or whatever can get in between them and the axle causing grooving. At this point they should be replaced. Otherwise don't worry about left from right, it's the same part on both sides.


thanks for the replies. now i can stop fretting over those collars and get back to worrying whether or not i checked the bolts that hold on my front wheel. it's amazing what goes through your head at 80mph across the desert.

one more thing... the groving on the collars i was talking about has developed on the outside of the collar. not the inside. the inside is a smooth as a baby's...

so i should still replace if the grooving is found on the outside eh? what is this a result of? am i not pluging enough grease in there?



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