Problem-need some help

I have an 01 WR426. Been runinng awesome. Have been checking the oil/coolant before every ride. Road over to my buddys house and right as I got there it started steaming and overheated(Twice actually, after put water in it). I don't see it leaking coolant anywhere? I figured with it dumping that much I would see it? Any thoughts on this? Thanks

I'm no bike mechanic but it sounds like you are running really lean.

Usually overheating is caused by lean mixuture or too slow of doesn't sound like you were riding slow technical stuff though.

Be sure there's no leak from the water pump while it's running. The bike holds about a quart of coolant, so it doesn't take a very big leak to drop the level a lot.

If there's no external signs, it probably a head gasket.

Do you still have the catch tank installed? Is it filling the tank and pumping out the overflow, or boiling off as steam out the overflow?

Fixed it! Thanks for all the help. The previous owner had swithed rad caps and removed the coolant overflow. Thanks

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