WR transmission gears

:confused:I am considerng changing the gears in my 2000 YZ transmission to the WR gearing. The on-line parts site that I use has dropped the part numbers from thier web site, so I can't find which parts I need to price. I did a search here on the YZ and WR forums, but didn't find anything.

Has anyone done this swap? Part numbers, costs and any tips whould be most appreciated.

Actually - ANY help or ideas would be most appreciated.

Check this link for part# and price Ronnies . I did 1st thru 4th on my 98. I really only wanted 1st and 2nd, but 3rd was beat up. Unfortunatlly wr3nd and yz 4th wouldn't work. I wish I had done all 5 now as 4th and 5th are very close. I also added a 12oz flywheel weight. It crawls like a XR now, but still rips like a YZ. :)

try www.partsfish.com. you can still see the part numbert in the address line(bar).

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