2010 yamaha yzf 450

I am trying to get transmission specs, Primary reduction, and trans ratios for all gears 1 through 5. and trying to find out what RPM the rev limiter is set at in the new 2010 yamaha yzf 450. Thanks for any help anyone has.

If you have one, you should have a manual. If not:


Meanwhile, the internal ratios are all identical to those in the '06 and up models:

Primary: 2.652:1

1st: 1.929:1

2nd: 1.533:1

3rd: 1.278:1

4th: 1.091:1

5th: 0.952:1

If you're going to use speed in gears to guess at the rev limit, remember to allow tire slip, even on pavement.

The 450's have always been set at 11,500 so far.

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