Favorite Filter Oil?

What type of filter oil do you guys use?

I like Silkolene, Tacky and water repelant. If you go in deep crossings and submerge. The filter just wrings out and the oil remains very tacky and stays in the filter. However it is the nastiest stuff to clean. UNI filter brand is much easier to use and clean I have 2 filters going and use Silkolene when I am going snorkeling. :)

UNI spray. I like the consistency better than a real tacky spray. Easy to squeeze into the filter.

No-Toil definetly takes the cake for me. Super easy to clean and apply to, keeps the enviro-nazis at bay also because it's biodegradable. Not sure if it desolves with plain water though, don't think so but haven't had any deep water crossings lately. :)

PJ1 and it's own cleaner.

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