Dual Sport Control Set-Up - Hot Start lever location?

I am looking for a better mirror set-up for my dual sported WR. On the left side I currently have the stock hot start lever, kill switch & HI/Low w/Horn. I am running the Acerbis mirror and it SUCKS!!! I would like to get a clutch clamp that includes the mirror mount along with a Ken Sean mirror. My problem is where to put the hot start lever?

Any hot start location tips for my set-up? Or mirror set up tips? I really want a mirror set-up the allows you to see what's behind you.



dont know exactly if this is wil work for ya or not, but there are a couple of aftermarket companies that sell clamps that either move the hot start to the back clamp on the throttle housing or the clutch perch. It takes the place of the rear clamp. heres a picture of what i bought, by GYTR...

it moves it so u use ur left thumb instead of your left index finger.


Dr D Racing hot start kit puts the hot start lever on the right...replaces the front brake clamp. It's the set up I have on my 426 along with the Ken Sean mirror threaded into the clutch perch clamp. Works great.

I liked the GYTR lever on the left much better than the DRD on the right, but it didn't work with signal/light switch. Signals didn't last long, so I went back to the GYTR. :ride:

i have that acerbis mirror.. it does suck but it makes it legal...

i actually mounted my mirror to my handguards

My solution might not look as "sano" but I like it. I just used the front half of a mirror mount clamp and piggybacked it onto the current clutch/hot start holder. I just got longer bolts and I was done. Didn't have to move anything so I have the same amount of handlebar space. The red button is my puch-to-talk.


I made a mount out of 3/8" thick x 1" wide aluminum. Drilled and tapped the 10mm hole for the mirror and then two holes for the existing hot start bolts to pass through. Sandwiched the mount between the perch and the hot start. I tried the Drd throttle side hot start but didn't like it because you have to pull it with one hand and then reach over with your other hand to push the estart. Fine for kickstart but not very convenient for estart.


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