01 426 for sale

Well the 4-stroke experement has not gone as smoothly as expected and the new CR's are looking sweet.

Now the temptation might be to tough to overcome, as I got a connection on getting an 01 CR250 in the crate from Canada. They arrive on Friday and I need to act quick, before the opportunity passes me by. So it looks like a Thursday test session on both bikes will be in order. I have the feeling with my riding style cut and thrust, brake slide, dump the clutch technique favors the more nimble CR250. Rather than keep your corner speed up and make wide sweeping corners YZ426.

If this is the case anyone want a 1 mo. Old 01 426 for $5700.00? It has a Devol Skid Plate, Works Connection frame guards and Applied Triple Clamp with rubber handlebar mounts. E-mail me if your interested,



I live in Mesa AZ.

Gary, sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. You're right, these bikes don't work with that riding style at all. Good luck with your decision.

Your not giving the bike enough time ! The first couple month I wanted to give, sell,or throw my 426 away, I had one hell of a time adjusting to the thumper & riding style after years of being on 2 smokes, but now I'm in love with the thing, cut and thrust? yes you can, it just takes a different style and once you learn the CR wont hang with it. People I use to race with and had a blast dicing with are not in the picture anymore, it really amazes me, im ordering another thumper for next year.


no No NO! don't give in to the temptaion until you give the thumper time! I almost fell into the '01 CR250 trap myself but after talking to another old geezer YZ400F racer friend of mine who did yield to the temptation, I happily decided to keep my 426. This friend of mine went from leading a local series on his YZ400 (over 40 class) to coming in last almost every moto. He told me the other day that he can't wait until the new CR450 or whatever it will be comes out so he can rid himself of the ring-ding...


How much more evidence does one need?????

I ask.

My first two rides out on my 426, I almost threw up from the engine braking!!!!!!

Plus, once I got the stumble out of the carb, the boys on the droolers could not keep up - did I mention that the turns are where I pull ahead most of the time...... did mention I'm 40 now???

keep with it - you will love the bike!!!!!

You do not really want a Honda anyways - trust us on this!!!!!!!

Be true, ride blue.

Got my Indy tics last week - this will Mac's last year racing.

Rubber down, ripping ground,


Thx for the advice guys, I am going to the track tomorrow to put in some good motos w/o my buds to dice with and no 01 CR250 temptations. I also put more oil back in the forks and opened up the compression clickers some more.


I might be interested if you ARE going to sell it. Drop an email to jamest@netapp.com

and we'll work out the details.

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