Im back 426f

Hey im new to thumpertalk and glad to be a member. I had a 01 250f and jerks stole it well it took me a while but im back and ready with a 01 426f. I got a sweet deal on it 300 dollars not running. well a new carb on ebay 175 and new flywheel and stater since every back yard hero tried to fix the bike with out the right puller and some fine tunning by a shop called hefs. the bike is up and going under 800 to get the bike moving. then it was time to play. I rebuilt the forks white ims tank white fenders and white radiator shrads. bike tooks tight. with the 1 1/8 tag bars i thru on some tusk bark busters uni filter white and red griper seat from factory effects. but now i need some white graphics well white and red. any would work but would like the white and red factory effex ones anyone with any info thanks

Fx quit making the red/white graphics for our 426s several years ago. Maybe check with some of the Custom places?

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