06 Clutch vs. 07+ Clutch

I need to replace my clutch on an 06 yz450f, and I think I remember reading something about how Yamaha changed the clutch from 06 to 07+ and that the 07 had an easier clutch pull due to less plates??

Am I completely wrong?

Anyways, what year clutch should I buy? I like easy clutch pulls, but I dont want to sacrifice longevity/durability with less plates.

Any input appreciated.

The '06 has one more plate. To make the conversion, you need the '06 plate set (steels are a different thickness), the '06 pressure plate, springs, and the release arm. The '06 is an easy two finger clutch, IMO.

The '06 is unquestionably a tougher clutch, but really, the '07+ clutch is fine as long as you ride the bike like a four-stroke; working the transmission and letting the broad power band work, rather than fanning the clutch constantly.

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