Need help! Safari Side Panel Tank 07-10 WR450F

Does anyone have install photos of this side panel tank? I am curious if it mounts on both sides of the seat. It looks like it goes over the rear fender.

Can somebody give a quick review if they have used this Safari brand side panel tank?

Planning a trip and want to make sure it isn't a POS.



Theyre only single sides where as the hondas are double,

the winning bikes use those tanks in the aust safari.

Look up the safari tanks website in Australia.

The picture looks like it attaches on both sides in the photo. I've contacted Safari tanks in Australia, but haven't received any response to emails.

Does anyone have a photo of one installed on a 07-10 WR450F?

As far as as i know (last time i researched it)the Yamaha tank is only one sided it ,does go up over the top but does not go down the other side .

The honda bikes use a barret or similiar low mounted exhaust to use the twin sided tank. I was disappointed myself when i saw the bike only single sided in the safari reports.

I do know they (honda and yamaha) fill their main tanks with hot water and use low air pressure to increase its capacity, maybe up to 18 litres.

Id say most people dont want to buy a new low mounted exhaust just to use the double tank so yamaha never got it. , The Ghr /honda racing team however has a bigger wallet.

Lets us know if you find anything new though.

Good news I just got hold of the 09 safari video. And some yamahas had double sided rear tanks but had a modified exhaust.

I still only see the smaller tank listed on their web site.

Guess you'd have phone them to find out if their available i'd like to get one but i have a pmb rack ive been carrying fuel with and I like the rack.


Hey! I'm interested in one of these too, and it's great to see some photos...

A question though, on the Aqualine website, it states this is a 5 litre tank, I presume this is the same one as in your photos Blackdog?

I know they have now also done twin-tank (10 litre) version, that required a lower exhaust - Tamsin Jones (from the UK) used one on her Dakar bike this year...

I'm hoping to get away with the smaller tank, as I'll have 20 litres up front.

Can you give me an indication of the actual capacity of your rear tank?

Jenny xx

I just picked up one of these tanks. We rode with it this weekend and had trouble with fuel leaking out the gas cap vent hose. We ran the hose that comes with it and it just flew off in the whoops, so we tried a short hose with billet valve and it flew off. It's hard to get a zip tie or safety wire on the hose. I have now tried the stock fuel tank vent hose and valve. It works better, but I can't find a good place to tie it just flops around. Sucks when fuel leaks on your hot exhaust....don't want to burn my bike to the ground. It is also inconvenient that the fuel cap is directly over the exhaust....easy to spill while filling up. Anyway, does anyone have suggestions or experience with keeping the vent hose attached.



Anyway, does anyone have suggestions or experience with keeping the vent hose attached.


J xx

From looking at your photos from the rally bikes, it looks like they don't run a vent hose. If I did that, I would have fuel all over the rear fender. Anyone know what they were running for fuel cap and vent?

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