01 YZ426 problem

I bought this bike new. Bike ran great, never gave me any problems, until I let it sit for alomost three years. Cleaned out the carb and replaced the plug(new fuel). Now the bike is really difficult to start and when it does start it runs ruff. If I try to give it any throttle it dies and it also dies as soon as I take off the choke. Any advice?

The two most common things are that the pilot jet or another part of the idle circuit is still dirty, and that the vacuum release plate on the back of the slide was installed upside down (round side up, square/flat side down).

Be sure the hot start is closing, and that the spring, washer, and O-ring are correctly installed on the idle mixture screw.

Thanks for the advice. I will double check those things today.


Thanks for the advice. I took the carb off and really cleaned thing out. I put it back on and the bike started right up. Thanks

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